Testing Lightning Flow Automations

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Code from our Dreamforce Session: Testing Lightning Flow Automations

  • Package.xml: Zip file containing all of the directories and files needed to deploy via SFDX or Developer Workbench.
  • Classes
    • TestAddressUpdates: Test class sets up Account and Contact data for testing Process Builder Automation that fills missing Contact addresses from the Account address data.
    • TestFlow: Test class sets up input variable for autolaunch Flow and tests the the Flow works as expected to double a number.
    • TestSetUpData: Reuseable methods to create specific combinations of test data for two different business processes, all contained in a single test class.
    • TestUpdates: Test class sets up basic test data from a Salesforce Developer Edition org and tests that the Contact data all has related Account data as expected.
  • Flows
    • Contact Address Update: Simply copies Account address data into Contact records that are missing addresses.
    • Doubler: Simply doubles any number it is given and returns the doubled number. If you divide by 10, you have calculated a decent tip.
  • Static Resources:
    • Account: Numbered 88-99 just to demonstrate that indexes must be sequential, but can start with any number; Account data from Developer Edition org.
    • Contact: Numbered beginning with 1, related to parent Account via the Account indexes described above; Contact data from Developer Edition org.
    • Case: Just another example of how data is set up for the Test.loadData method of test data creation; Case data from Developer Edition org.
    • Contact Address Process: Replaces the previous Contact data file to demonstrate data input with missing addresses and the related business process, which inserts Account address data into Contact address fields automatically.
  • Docs: Reserved for future uses such as slide and video links.

Other resources:

Useful SOQL: SELECT Id, ApexTestClass.Name, TestMethodName, FlowVersion.MasterLabel, NumElementsCovered, NumElementsNotCovered FROM FlowTestCoverage

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